as darkness arrived

as darkness arrived darkness arrived as lightness was fleeting n’ silent flickering shadows danced nearby a throbbing heart was beating perhaps my own yet twas a heart tis’ no mistaking I’m not alone at once alarmed I sat awaiting n’ I shall ne’er know for what tis’ been too, too long n’ I’ve since forgot […]


aplumbforehue Just one among the trees so tall, was chosen from among them all to stretch n touch the cloudy sky, beyond where the feathered will oft fly, limbs further still in darkness reaching, to learn what stars beyond are teaching, for a tree can only know so much with merely clouds n’ sky to […]

a bush for me

a bush for me within a quiet bush there lies a stem n’ even further therein lies another n’ many others, then there are no more yet here’s a leaf n’ I do implore you to look even further ’til you discover upon the stems rest several others then step away n’ with a hush […]


In a city that will never bee scene near an ocean that will never have bean by a hut on a bitch that shall never be rich the loud waves crash incest-aunt-lee as each they width the dawn on the sand deer is drawn a message that no one will sea inn my dreams each […]

sumsee somesea

sum see some sea where er’ ye be’s the kettles t’is hot as brews the black tea’s thru the winds the waves crash and rattle the door’s the cat is a run-in as trembles the floor’s the sputtering fire from winds down the stack’s spits embers of red on sleeping dawg’s back’s in the darkness […]

springs arriving

     springs arriving      tis a day we’ve all awaited     assembled in warm meadows mist,      chattering birds anticipating,      as curious squirrels leave their nest,      upon the grass await clouds shadows,      and many others follow soon,    above gold sun looks down then blinks,   […]